Hello world!

It is the summer before my third year of teaching. The summer has just begun but I am already planning for the upcoming year.

I think back to my past 2 years of teaching. I spent my first year of teaching just getting my bearings, and to be honest, it was a mess….I was teaching Kindergarten at the time, 31 to be exact. 31 Kindergarteners in one of the worst neighborhoods I had ever seen. “I can do this!” was my motto. That motto sooned changed to “I can survive this!” I had no supplies or resources, and my students showed up on that first day, unregistered, and with no supplies. I spent hundreds of dollars on things such as paper or crayons – items that you would think a school would provide.

Well as you can see, I survived that first year. People ask me about it now, and I honestly don’t remember much. I think that I blocked the whole experience from my mind. Altough I do have a very strong memory of one of my 5 year-olds telling me to “suck his d*ck.” Lovely.

So that’s why I’m writing this blog! I spent that next summer preparing for my second year of teaching kindergarten, and it was 500 times better than that first year. I have all my lifesaving resources that I used to plan, and helpful hints I learned that first year. In the fall, I will be teaching 1st grade (looping, for all you educators out there), and I hope you follow me as I set up my classroom and begin the Daily Five for the very first time! Follow me in my journey!

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