Classroom Banter

Kids say the darndest things…

Here is a list of my top ten funniest quotes from my Kindergarteners. Sometimes it is hard to keep myself from laughing out loud.

  1. “Ms. S, Robert told me that he likes Jakyiah, and that he cheated on her.
  2. After school, one of my kids, Damonte, held up a Valentine with an owl on it.
    Me: “Damonte, can you tell me what that animal is?”
    Damonte: “It’s a hoot. Hoots come out at night.”
  3. “Ms. S, turkeys don’t have eyes. That’s make-believe.”
  4. “When I grow up, I want to be a vampire.”
  5. Today I showed my kids a picture of a man fishing by a pond in the woods. I asked them to look closely at the picture, and share what they saw. My favorite response, and most relevant: “My Mom got me a Snuggie for Christmas.”
  6. On Tuesday…
    Me: “girls stand up”
    Davion: (pointing at Chazz who is, in fact, a boy) “that girl is not standing!”
  7. And then on Wednesday…
    Me: “ok kindergarten, Chazz is picking up his book. Let’s watch as he walks to his table.”
    Gabari: “that’s not a boy!”
    Jekayla: “that is a boy!”
  8. Chazz: “But I am a boy!”
  9. Me: “Leroy, how old are you?”
    Christian: “Leroy is 3.”
    Amari: “No, Leroy is 2.”
    Me: “Actually, Leroy is 5.”
    The whole class: “Whhhaaat?”

And the top 10 funniest quote from kindergarten is…

  • Anthony: “Derek just peed on me!”
    Derek: “Anthony peed on me first!”

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment. But It does appear that we have a little gender confusion…and we need to have a conversation about proper hygiene.

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  1. Love the number one hit the best! Oh how I miss those days in kindergarten!

    Love you and miss you at literacy week (Where ARE you?!)

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