Read Alouds I’m Craving

I had a momentary panic attack when I realized that, since I will have all the same students again next year, my kids have already heard all of my read alouds. Oh, who am I kidding, it was definitely not momentary…

I don’t have the money to completely restock my read aloud inventory, so my first item of business – get a library card.¬†Although, that is no fun. All those books need to go back. I love children’s literature almost as much as I love french fries, and I don’t like to share. But for now, I guess it will have to do. Here are just a few books that I am craving at the moment…

First, The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood. It has charming illustrations and beautiful text. I can see using it at the beginning of the year for teaching classroom rules, and voice levels. It will also make a great read aloud when the kids just need some quiet time.

Next, Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. It teaches children that art does not have to be perfect. That even when a drawing of a vase doesn’t look like a vase, it still looks “vase-ish”. I cannot wait to use this book as a read aloud¬†during Writing Workshop.

Last, I’m craving Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein. I guess, most importantly, it teaches children about manners. But I love this book because it is HILARIOUS! I actually laughed out loud while reading it to myself. I can envision my students falling in love with this book, and requesting it to be read over and over.

All of these books are available for purchase on Amazon.

So now I’m asking you for your recommendations for 1st Grade read alouds…

What book would you recommend?

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