Kindergarten Writing: Year in Preview

Kindergarten Year in Preview in Writing

For use with: Lucy Calkins and Teaching Writing in Kindergarten

August (Themes/Ideas: School, Myself)

  • Name writing
  • Launching Writer’s Workshop
  • Thinking of a topic, drawing and labeling

September (Themes/Ideas: Emotions, faces, bodies, Rules)

  • Explicit drawing lessons (representing ideas in pictures)
  • Guided Writing of short, simple sentences
  • Writing word wall words in sentences

October (Themes/Ideas: Bats, Witches, Halloween, Pumpkins)

  • Explicit labeling
  • Guided Writing of longer sentences

November/December (Themes/Ideas: Snow, Winter, Turkeys, Holidays)

  • Guided picture, independent writing
    • Prompt for lower writers
  • Writer’s Celebration

January (Themes/Ideas: Revisit previous topics)

  • Topics
  • Independent writing


  • Small moments
  • Publishing books


  • How tos
  • Publishing books


  • Writing for readers
  • Conventions
  • Publishing


  • Poetry
  • Publishing


  • Memory books

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