Cold Weather Running Essentials

Look. I’m glowing.

cold weather run

Holy wind, Batman. It’s freezing in Chicago. I went for a run, and did not think that I would make it back. Literally. The wind was so strong that when I would run, I would not go anywhere. The 2 miles that I ran South down Michigan Ave. were fine. I felt good, a little hot even. I started stripping off layers around the 1 mile mark. It was running the 2 miles North up State St. that I almost flagged down a Police Officer to give me a ride home. I thought about calling Dean but didn’t have my cell phone. Do they still have payphones around? That would have come in handy. Dust was blowing in my eyes, and the wind was blowing so hard up my nose that I couldn’t breathe and felt like throwing up. Does that ever happen to you? Why does cold air blowing up my nose make me want to throw up? Maybe I’m just falling apart from the inside out.

Luckily, I was dressed for the weather. Think layers, layers, and more layers. Here’s what I had on for my run today.

  1. Lululemon Brisk Run Headband
  2. Under Armour Cold Gear Tights (Similar)
  3. Under Armour Storm Fleece
  4. The North Face Light Weight Jacket
  5. Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve
  6. Head Tech Running Gloves (Similar)

I survived my run. Lucky you. Now you get to read about it. 🙂

I have to brace the cold weather again for my Sculpt class tonight at SixPax. After gorging myself this weekend, I was in dire need of a double workout. Until then, I’m staying bundled under two blankets.

Come on Spriiiing! Where are you hiding?

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