Potty Training Tips

My daughter never ceases to amaze me. When Chloe turned 31 months old, she decided to potty train herself. Literally, She turned to us one day and said, “I don’t want to wear my diaper today.” (cue eye rolling from me) Well that was that. We now have a closet full of Size 4 princess Pull-Ups that Ryan will indeed be wearing someday.


Honestly, Dean and I did next to nothing. Sure we had the potty chair out, and we occasionally asked her if she’d like to use it, but other than that, it was all her. So while I am the one writing this post, it should actually be Chloe who is writing it.

First of all, while yes it is gross, I recommend a potty chair that sits right on the ground. The only way your kid is going to start using the “potty” (potty is in quotes because I now find myself saying, “I have to go potty” all the time, and my husband makes fun of me.) regularly is if they can reach it on their own, especially in the beginning. I started keeping dish soap under the sink in her bathroom for a quick clean up of the potty seat.

I chose Chloe’s potty seat because it is purple. Chloe loves purple. Chloe hates ELMO. Choose a potty seat that your child will love.

Second, STICKER CHARTS. I am a firm believer in sticker charts. That comes from being both a mom, and a kindergarten teacher. Kids. Love. Stickers. Even the boys. You’d be surprised how many little boys I know who love pink scented stickers.

Chloe got a sticker every time she used the potty. In the beginning, you can start by offering stickers for sitting on the potty, pulling up pants, washing hands, etc. The more you offer them, the more successful you will be! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the sticker chart because Ryan ate it. But it served it’s purpose.

Third, Pull-Ups and easily removable clothes. Sorry Moms, no more rompers. Poor Chloe always wants to wear her purple romper to daycare but I know she’d never be able to get it off herself when she needs to go the bathroom.

Fourth, make the bathroom a place your child wants to be, and have them try to go frequently! We have toys in there. We would bring in books when Chloe was first learning to sit on her potty chair. Sometimes it takes a little time before they actually understand what they are supposed to do on the potty chair. Books help pass the time, and who doesn’t love books!

Last, and most important, don’t rush it! Honestly, I was in no hurry to get Chloe out of diapers. Now every time we leave the house, I need to know where the closest bathroom is.  She also now wakes up super early some mornings (i.e. 6:00am) because she has to pee, and has trouble going back to sleep. So that’s fun.

When your kid is ready, they will potty train easily! If it’s killing you, take a break and try again in a few weeks. No one child is the same.

Or you could hire Chloe to help. I think she charges by the hour 😉


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