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Sweater Dress

Well, can you believe it’s November already? I absolutely cannot. I mean, it was 80 degrees like just last week, wasn’t it? These next two months are always a whirlwind. Thanksgiving is going to happen in just three weeks, and then those weeks leading up to Christmas are so jam packed that they just fly by. The year is ending. There are deadlines, and planning, and shopping, and cooking, and wrapping, and decorating, and more shopping, and you’re trying to stay healthy and keep your kids healthy…There is just A LOT going on this time of year.

Any who, I am all about comfort when it comes to holidays. Especially holidays that fall during the winter months. I mean, who wants to take off their pajamas when it’s cold out? Not me! Am I alone in this one? Well, even though I would prefer to spend Thanksgiving in these joggers and this sweatshirt, I still enjoy planning a fun outfit to wear, at least until I change into my comfy clothes. šŸ˜‰ Below I’m showing you two different Thanksgiving looks that I think are festive and fun all while still being comfortable enough to eat 16871918701 calories.

Sweater // Skirt // Coat // Purse // Boots // Earrings

How cute is this skirt and bootie combo? I love how you can pair a mini skirt with a loose fitting sweater, and it suddenly becomes much more appropriate to wear. This sweater also has the cutest balloon sleeves and side slit. I can’t even handle how adorable this coat is. It is just the perfect shade of understated pink. And of course, a super cute bag and simple earrings to tie it all together. I also love that all of these pieces could be dressed up OR dressed down. They are all so versatile!

Dress // Jacket // BootsĀ // Purse // Scarf // EarringsĀ 

For this next look, you are pairing a loose fitting dress (perfect for Thanksgiving gorging!) and a form fitting jacket. You will tie those two pieces together with ah-mazing boots. Seriously, they make your legs look so good! You will top the whole look off with a neutral pink scarf (Is my love for pink growing on you?), simple rose gold earrings, and a purse to give your whole look a little pop of color.

And if you are looking for something more casual, I would check out this perfect fall look here!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more fall looks!



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