Activities To Do With Your Kids This Holiday Season

Let me preface this by saying – I love my kids more than anything in the world. They are my reason for being. My sun in the sky. Spending time with them gives me more joy than anything in the world.


I am kind of dreading the 10 straight days I will be spending with my kids this holiday season. Does anyone else feel this way? No, I am the only horrible mother? I mean, being a mom is really, really hard. It’s not bad in the summer because we can spend the day outside at the park or pool, but in the winter…I mean, what in the world am I going to do to keep them busy for ten days??? And yes, #momlifeisthebestlife 😉 but it is still really, really hard.

I am also a huge germaphobe, and I can’t do crowded indoor places. I can literally see the germs just flying around everywhere. Gross, right? Yes, I am nuts. 😉 But that rules out indoor play places for me.

So I’ve come up with a few activities to do with your kids to help you keep your sanity.

  1. Go to the zoo. Yes, that’s right, go to the zoo in the winter. And I’m not talking Zoo Lights either. Go during the day, in the middle of the week when it is cold and snowing. NO one else will be there! It’s amazing. It’s probably the only time you won’t find the zoo crowded. You can use the animal houses to warm up. So grab some hot chocolate and enjoy the zoo all to your self. 🙂
  2. Have a staycation. We booked a night for the Wednesday after Christmas at a hotel about five minutes from our house that has suites and an indoor pool. We are going to swim, eat, watch movies. Hopefully, the kids will have fun. If nothing else, it will be a change of pace.
  3. Find some Christmas lights. My kids, especially my little guy, are obsessed with Christmas lights. So drive around, find some towns that go all out, bring some treats, take some pictures.
  4. Crafts. We love Hobby Lobby up in ‘her. Maybe it’s because I am a Kindergarten teacher? Well Hobby Lobby is a great place to grab holiday crafts on the cheap. This year we’ve made a Christmas tree Advent Calendar, a tree skirt, a manger, a styrofoam snowman, and a few random other odds and ends.
  5. Bake cookies to decorate. My kids don’t particularly like the “baking” part of cooking but they do love the decorating. So pull out a tube of sugar cookie dough, grab some frosting and sprinkles, and let the kids go a little crazy.
  6. Take a train ride. Just for kicks. You don’t even have to go anywhere special. Just ride it! Or get off at a nearby town and grab some food.
  7. Your local library. They have tons of activities but I caution you: there will be germs.
  8. Indoor play zones. See above: GERMS. But you’re probably not nuts like me so go for it. We like SkyZone, Gymnastics places (usually will have open gym time), The Ball Factory, and Westmont Yard.
  9. Go get cookies at a bakery. Or Donuts. Or Cupcakes. There is a place by us that serves Baby Donuts, and we love to go there for a snack. Go at an off time to avoid the crowds.
  10. Run around the mall. Ride elevators. Find some candy stores. Get some hot chocolate. Build a Bear.

What will you be doing to keep your kids busy this holiday season?

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6 thoughts on “Activities To Do With Your Kids This Holiday Season

  1. My daughter is 11 so it’s rather hard to find something to do during the holiday season. Thank goodness she still believes in Santa so that was one thing we could do that she really liked. LOL. We also like to do arts and crafts and visit our local park because families and businesses have the opportunity to purchase trees to decorate. The whole park is lit up. It’s very pretty. We also have our yearly tradition to watch Elf. We love that movie!

  2. Man I never thought of that….winter breaks are definitely much harder than summer break! Love these ideas for fun activities to keep us busy, especially driving around for Christmas lights!

  3. These are great ideas and I’m so happy that we are actually doing these things! We did a staycation of sorts, about an hour away and it was the first snow of the season! We took the Santa Express, went ice skating outside at night in the snow, visited an art museum, and toured historic homes decorated for the holidays! Tonight is a trip to my cousins zoo (random, huh) for Zoo Lights!

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