6 Things that give me mom guilt

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Mom life is funny. The second I am away from my kids, I miss them. Dean and I just booked our first big trip since having both the kids, and it’s not for FIVE months but I ALREADY miss the kids. What is wrong with me?

We all know that being a mom is exhausting; sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s mental. Sometimes mom life makes me want to pull my hair out. Sometimes it’s frustrating. Sometimes it’s maddening. Sometimes it’s boring.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids more than anything in the world. All I do is think about them ALL day long. They are the best part of my day. But sometimes Momma needs a break, am I right?

These are some things I do to keep my sanity as a mom but make me feel guilty afterwards:

  1. I count the minutes until bedtime. I do love my kids, and I don’t do this everyday but those hours on a day like this can certainly drag on.
  2. I lock myself in the bathroom. I don’t do this often, and I only do it when Dean is home. But I will stay in there and let the kids pound on the door screaming for me while I organize cabinets, try out different nail polish, etc. etc.
  3. Let all hell break loose while I eat chocolate upstairs. The kids may be screaming at each other and there is the sound of toys crashing down but I’m still upstairs just eating my chocolate. If someone was hurt, they would come tell me. Yup…I’m the world’s worst mom. Please don’t judge me.
  4. Pretend I am not on my phone. But I am. I am not good at make believe play – never have been. When I was a kid, I was always crafting. That made sense to me. Playing pretend did not. I actually used to have “stationary stands” instead of lemonade stands, and I would try to sell paper that I had decorated. Haha. So sometimes playing baby over and over again can get a little tedious. Momma needs an outlet.
  5. Take my kids to daycare when I am off of work. I mean, is there anything better than being ALONE in your own house?! Before kids, I never knew how much I would appreciate this but it is AMAZING. It’s honestly like being on vacation.
  6. I don’t let the kids help me. We all know that kids learn through doing, yada yada yada. But sometimes, I just want to get something done QUICKLY. Chloe loves to help me make my lunch at night but it means that a task I already loathe takes 20 minutes instead of 5. Sometimes, I just need to get the show on the road.

What gives you Mom Guilt?

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2 thoughts on “6 Things that give me mom guilt

  1. Um, love #3! Lol. I do the same thing with bed time or nap time. And then as soon as he’s asleep I forget everything I was going to do. I get mom guilt when I don’t take him out to do things and he’s stuck inside all day, which is basically winter in a nutshell. But sometimes I just want to stay in my pajamas. Always glad to not be alone in the hardest job in the world! 🙌🏼❤️


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