Every Mom Needs A Good Nursing Bra

I was gifted a nursing bra to try but all opinions are my own.

Finding a good nursing bra, is like, shall I say, ‘finding a needle in a haystack’. I have tried out so many different kinds and brands of nursing bras that they now barely fit in my drawer. And out of all those bras, I don’t love any of them. They either don’t provide enough support for day to day activities or they are too complicated to get undone. No one wants to be struggling with clasps and strings when you have a starving baby screaming in your lap.

Enter the best treat for new mommies – Mamaway’s nursing bra.


With Mamaway’s aim to provide the best products to moms, the Mamaway Seamless and Comfortable Maternity and Nursing Bra was developed. This makes mom’s life easier when nursing the baby. It provides great support to the breast, and gives perfect access to baby when feeding.

The bra fits seamlessly under your clothes, and provides comfortable support with easy access to feed your baby. It is so comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing! Stretches up to 3 cups while providing great structural support, this bra also comes with removable padding and one hand drop down clips for easy nursing.


Mamaway Nursing Bra – c/o

(I am wearing a size medium. According to the size chart I am a S-M but I went with the larger size.)

The Mamaway Nursing Bra was designed using an elastic band so that weight is evenly distributed on your chest. It is supportive but not too tight. It can be conveniently worn and taken off with one hand. It is also super soft which is my favorite feature!

I highly recommend this for any pregnant or nursing mother!

My Favorite Nursing Accessory

I just recently discovered Cover Me Ponchos, and they are something that every nursing Mom needs! I was never one to nurse in public until I discovered Cover Me Ponchos. I avoided leaving the house when I was nursing Chloe for fear that I would have to stop and feed her in the Nordstrom bathroom or on a park bench. But it’s much harder to avoid leaving the house with your second kid, so I sucked it up and purchased a Cover Me Poncho for nursing Ryan. Best decision I have made! I recently wore it when we had friends over for dinner.

I’m not a fan of the traditional nursing covers – they are stiff and heavy, and make the baby (and Mom) hot and sweaty. The Cover Me Poncho is the exact opposite. It’s light weight, stretchable, breathable, and does not look at all like a nursing cover. I’ve actually had a few people ask me where I got it when I was wearing it as a poncho. The Cover Me Ponchos come in lots of colors and patterns, and 2 sizes, making them super versatile. There are also multiple uses for them.

It can be worn as a poncho:

I am wearing the “plus” size because I wanted the extra length. Great post-partum wear!

It can be used as a nursing cover:


It can be used as a car seat cover:


And it can be used as a mini blanket for your baby:


Purchase your Cover Me Poncho here!