3 different treadmill workouts and a playlist

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I frequently post my treadmill workouts to my stories. Running on the treadmill can be tedious and boring. I try to change either my speed or incline every minute to help alleviate that. Below I’ve complied a few of my favorites that I come back to time and time again. I’ve also added my current favorite songs from my running playlist. Some are old (but good!), and some are new but they have all helped keep me motivated and moving during my treadmill workouts.

Treadmill workout #1

Treadmill workout #2

Treadmill Workout #3

Playlist to get you motivated and keep you moving:

What songs do you listen to while you workout to keep you motivated? Send me your favorites!


A Late 2 Month Update!

Yikes! I’m late on this post! I had meant to post a 2 month update on Ryan but at that time we were dealing with lots of sickness in our household. I had a 103 degree fever that lasted 5 days. It was not fun. Chloe was sick, then I got sick, then Ryan got sick. We just can’t stay healthy over here. Does anyone else feel this way? Last winter, when I was still nursing Chloe, she got sick one time. This winter, sans breastmilk, she has been sick every other week for the past 3 months. Then I catch it, then Dean and Ryan catch it. Vicious cycle. So anyways, I’m late on the 2 month post.


(Poor guy was not feeling too hot when I took these.)

/ Ryan’s Splendid outfit, sold out, similar here / Jellycat elephant /

Here’s where we are now.

Ryan is almost 11 weeks old, and the sweetest baby there ever was. When I found out that I was pregnant the 2nd time around with a boy, I was nervous. Chloe had been the perfect angel baby; nursed easily, slept great, never cried. I had no idea what to expect from a boy, and frankly, after some horror stories I was told, I was terrified. But Ryan, knock on wood, has been such a calm, good natured, easy going baby. He smiles constantly, and I swear he is attempting to laugh. He eats every 3 hours from 8am to 5pm, cluster feeds from 5pm to 8pm, and then we give him a big bottle of pumped milk around 9pm. Then he sleeps from around 9 to 4 or 5 in the morning. I dream feed him for 10 minutes, and he goes back to bed until 8 am (of course, he still has the occasional waking every 3 hours to eat like last night). When I go to get him out of his Rock n Play in the morning, he is all smiles. Yes, he sleeps in the Rock n Play. And he will until I feel comfortable putting him in the crib. It makes me nervous having him sleep flat. Chloe slept in the Rock n Play until about 5 months, and she is the BEST (I just jinxed myself) sleeper – goes down in her crib without a fuss and always has, sleeps for 12 hours overnight, self soothes, and takes a 2-3 hour nap each day.

During the day, Ryan takes regular naps earlier in the day, and is awake much more in the late afternoon and early evening. He likes laying on his back and kicking around, he loves watching his sister, getting his diaper changed, car rides and the stroller, and he’s all about the charm if you talk and sing to him. He doesn’t mind tummy time if I prop him up on my legs (a suggestion from our physical therapist).


(That face though)

We recently took advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed a zoo day. I brought my Phil and Teds stroller which folds up easily for the car, and nursed on a bench with my Cover Me  Poncho Nursing Cover. Chloe loved the lions and the crocodiles. She was not too sure about the snow leopards and the peacocks who tried to steal her chicken nuggets. Ryan enjoyed looking around at all the new shapes but my January baby wasn’t too keen on the sun in his face.


Chloe’s pink Nikes / Chloe’s jacket / My Nikes / My purse, sold out, similar here /

As for me, I’ve been working out everyday. I’m running again, attending Shred 415 and pilates classes, and doing Beachbody workout videos when I can’t run outside or make it to a class (My favorites are the Total Body Cardio Fix and Dirty 30).

I. Love. To. Sweat.


I’ve also lost about 8 lbs. I’d like to lose 5 more. That would get me right back at my pre-baby weight. I’d love to lose 10 more but know that with nursing, I’ll probably hang on to that extra 5 for awhile. I’m still not comfortable in my pre-baby clothes. I swear, my body bounced back so much faster with Chloe. Moms of 2 kids, why is it so much harder with the 2nd? My body is just so…different. None of my clothes look right on me.

And I go back to work in a few weeks. So I’m savoring every last moment with my precious baby boy; soaking in his scent as much as I can, kissing his perfect sweet cheeks. I am excited to see my colleagues and my students but cannot even imagine being away from Ryan. Although I will miss him something fierce (and truthfully, I already do), I am most anxious about my pumping schedule at work. When you teach, you can’t just walk out of the room when it’s time to pump. I figure if I pump before work (but how do I time that with needing to nurse Ryan??), and then pump twice more at work (but when???), I should hopefully be ok. The thought of my supply going down causes me major heartache.

Moms: How do you make it work??? I’d love any suggestions!

Treadmill Tuesday

Did you know that you should not ask for a Z-Pak when you go to the doctor? Apparently, the antibiotic can carry heart risks. Too bad. I do love me some antibiotics. Maybe that has something to do with why I am sick all the time. I always end up on the treadmill at the gym that is directly in front of the TV that plays ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Today, I had to watch the disturbing news about my beloved Z-Pak, last week it was the outbreak of an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria that is spreading through hospitals and nursing homes. I’m immediately envisioning ‘”The Twelve” happening in real life. CDC, I hope you are on top of this one. We don’t need any Virals running down Lakeshore Drive. Lucky for me, there were puppies on the TV to my right.

I was also fascinated with the ginormous man running on the treadmill next to me. His legs easily had two feet on mine. For every mile that I ran, he ran two. By the time I hit three miles, he had run six. Amazing. He wasn’t seriously running a four minute mile, was he? Yup, he sure was. Didn’t even seem to break a sweat, either.

This past week, I’ve noticed some swelling in my outer right thigh. I think it might be scar tissue building up, or maybe just a strain, which means I am in dire need of a deep tissue sports massage. That’s what I’m telling Dean at least. Any recommendations where I can get a good one in the South Loop? So I took it easy on the sprinting this weekend due to my leg. Instead, I hit a few Pilates classes with the gorgeous Selena at Posture Perfect Pilates, and was able to do some easy four mile runs outside. But only in Chicago can it be sixty degrees one day, and thirty five the next.  Chicagoans, what is with this weather?! It was snowing when I left work today, so onward to LA Fitness it was.

I wasn’t sure what kind of running mood I was in when I got to the gym. I usually try to plan out my runs beforehand but today I decided I was just going to wing it. I was sleepy this evening and unmotivated. My student teacher is teaching my class all this week. That means a lot of sitting for me. I am so not used to sitting all day. I do not know what to do with myself. I don’t know how people manage to sit at a desk all day! I snacked non-stop, and never got full. I ate a lot of chocolate and drank a bunch of Diet Coke. Felt very blah. Granted, my job is usually very physically exhausting – there are days I don’t sit down for ten hours, and don’t eat, use the bathroom, drink water, etc., etc. But the day goes so fast. There is a good reason I forget to take care of myself. I am keeping 32 six year olds happy.

Any who, here’s what my run looked like today:

0:00 – 3:00   3.9 MPH

3:00 – 6:00   6.0 MPH

6:00 – 30:00   1 minute @ 7.8 MPH then 1 minute @ 6.5 MPH (12 times)

30:00 – 36:00   7.0 MPH

36:00 – 39:00   3.9 MPH

39:00 – 54:00   3.6 MPH @ 3% incline

Who’s gearing up for St. Patty’s day this weekend? I dug up my green tee, and am mentally preparing myself for feeling awful on Sunday. Getting old is no fun.

Where da gold at?

Happy Tuesday!


Treadmill Tuesdays – An After Work Run

I forgot to eat lunch today. It was just one of those days. It’s ISAT week at school, and the schedules are all shifted around to accommodate for testing. All you teachers know – this is the longest week ever! My students and I now eat lunch at 10 am. Well, needless to say, I was not at all hungry for lunch so I didn’t eat (and neither did most of my students), and figured I’d find some time later in the day to quickly eat. Well I just plain forgot, and I realized it when I was running today and couldn’t figure out why I felt like fainting. Ooops. I need a mental health day. It was not a great run. I lifted weights instead.

One of the things I hate most, is getting to the gym for a run after 6 pm.  The later it gets, the more my motivation to move my body wains, and the more I’m thinking about what to pick up at Whole Foods for dinner. I tell myself, “I’ll run fast for thirty minutes, and then I can go home.” Once I hit the 30 minute mark, I can usually make myself keep going. I planned a run that would make the time go quickly, and get me home at a reasonable hour. Here’s what it looked like:

0:00 – 3:00   3.9 MPH

3:00 – 6:00   6.0 MPH

6:00 – 7:00   7.5 MPH

7:00 – 9:00   6.5 MPH

9:00 – 10:00   7.6 MPH

10:00 – 12:00   6.6 MPH

12:00 – 13:00   7.7 MPH

13:00 – 15:00  6.7 MPH

15:00 – 16:00   7.8 MPH

16:00 – 18:00   6.8 MPH

18:00 – 19:00   7.9 MPH

19:00 – 21:00   6.9 MPH

21:00 – 22:00   8.0 MPH

22:00 – 24:00   7.0 MPH

24:00 – 30:00  6.5 MPH

Then 15 minutes on the elliptical for a cool down. One more stop at Whole Foods salad bar, and The Twelve is calling my name. Tonight I mixed together Apple Almond Quinoa + Detox Salad + Edamame. Yum!

Is it the weekend yet???

Sick – Workout or Avoid?


As I posted in SixPax Saturdays, I wasn’t feeling quite myself this weekend. By Sunday, I was running a 101 degree fever which broke sometime Monday afternoon while I was at work. Needless to say, I wasn’t working out. As a general rule of thumb, if you are feeling under the weather and wondering whether or not you should hit the gym, follow the “Neck Rule”. If the symptoms leaving you feeling uncomfortable are contained above the neck – i.e headache and runny nose, then you are good to go. If your symptoms are in your chest, muscles, basically anywhere below the neck, then avoid exercising and rest until you feel better! For me that meant Monday night in bed watching Fashion Police and other quality E! programming.

Tuesday, I dragged myself in the blizzard to a Ballet Barre class at SixPax Chicago with Fayth. It was the perfect class after taking a few days off.

Wednesday, I was ready to run again but I still wanted to take it easy. I planned a run that would keep my heart rate up and burn fat but would also incorporate short bursts of energy and periods of rest to bring down my heart rate. During a run, if you can have a conversation comfortably, your body is working at a pace where you are burning fat. During a sprint, your body burns stored glucose (glycogen) but continues to burn fat and calories after the workout is over. While running for long periods of time can cause muscle atrophy, sprinting actually helps develop muscle in your legs and abs.

Today my run looked like this:

0:00 – 3:00   3.9 MPH

3:00 – 8:00   6.0 MPH

8:00 – 9:00   8.0 MPH

9:00 – 10:00   3.9 MPH

10:00 – 15:00   6.2 MPH

15:00 – 16:00   8.1 MPH

16:00 – 17:00   3.9 MPH

17:00 – 22:00   6.4 MPH

22:00 – 23:00   8.2 MPH

23:00 – 24:00   3.9 MPH

24:00 – 29:00   6.6 MPH

29:00 – 30:00   8.3 MPH

30:00 – 31:00   3.9 MPH

31:00 – 35:00   6.8 MPH

35:00 – 36:00   8.4 MPH

36:00 – 45:00   3.9 MPH @ 3% incline

Then I grabbed some Whole Food’s California Quinoa with a Cara Cara orange on the side…and a few Girl Scout Cookies. My favorite are Tagalongs. How about you?

Happy Hump Day 🙂