At Home Teeth Whitening: Does It Work?

This past summer, I was researching professional teeth whitening. I noticed that my teeth were looking dull, and they had started to make me self conscious. I knew I needed to do something about them. In true Sara fashion, I procrastinated because I was reluctant to shell out the $400+ needed for the whitening. So it was a little ironic (and just my luck) that Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their professional teeth whitening kit. Now that was something I could jump on board with!

Smile Brilliant was the perfect solution for me because it is the same solution that a dentist near me would use and it is custom fitted to your teeth. I have sensitive gums but Smile Brilliant is safe for both enamel and gums, and can be used on sensitive teeth. I had almost zero sensitivity during the process! And most importantly, the results are noticeable and PERMANENT.

The kit is initially mailed to you with “molding clay” so that you can make impressions of your teeth. I was super nervous about this step, and worried that I would screw it up. Luckily, they send you extra clay for just that purpose but I did not end up needing it. The directions were very clear and straightforward, and the molding was actually a very easy step. Then you mail back your impressions in the prepaid envelope, and about two weeks later you receive your trays. I had imagined a thick, sports-type mouthguard to get mailed back to me but the trays that were sent back were super thin and lightweight. No one could even tell I was wearing them when they were in.

*Funny story* I was putting my son to bed while wearing the trays, and he had no idea that they were in. Well, I sneezed, and the trays flew out of my mouth. He started screaming, “Daddy, come see what happened to Mommy!” I couldn’t stop laughing. Anyways, I digress.

Now for the whitening:

Each night I would apply a small strip of whitening gel to the trays, and leave them in my mouth for about two hours, depending on the night. I was worried about sensitivity, so I started with about 30 minutes, and worked up to two hours but I had almost no sensitivity.

After your trays are in for your desired amount of time, you take out the trays and brush your teeth as you normally would, and follow with the desensitizing gel. I will say, this was the hardest part of the whitening. I go to bed early, so finding time to have the trays in for an extended period was challenging. Even though I started putting them in right after dinner, it was still tough to fit it in. But for deep stain removal, more time is needed.

It took about a month to reach my desired whiteness, and I think I may continue the process longer. That’s also the great thing about Smile Brilliant – I already have my trays so I would just need to purchase more whitening gel. You can see my results here: 

If you are interested in trying Smile Brilliant for yourself, you can use the code: “joggersandgymshoesblog15” for 15% off your kit!

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Will you try it for yourself?


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